Use Your Imagination for Good

Use Your Imagination for Good

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Lately my morning routine consists of coffee, cereal, fruit and listening to Abraham. If you’re unfamiliar with the Law of AttractionEsther Hicks, and Abraham then I highly recommend you read one of their books or listen to some of their recordings. I’ve been aware of them for close to two decades now but despite that I still get a lot of benefit from my daily time with Abraham.

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want


Take the above quote for example, it’s so simple, it’s not a difficult idea to grasp at all. And it makes so much sense. Haven’t we all done that? You fear that something will go wrong, you start thinking about all the ways that it could not go your way and then obsessing about all the little things that might go wrong. Your heart starts to race and you might break out into a sweat just thinking about the terrible consequences. “Oh dear, oh dear,” you pace and ring your hands. With your mind racing through the negative possibilities you decide to call a close friend and unburden yourself, have them tell you that everything will be okay … and they might do that, tell you that it will all be okay, but maybe first they’ll see all the terrible possibilities and maybe they’ll start obsessing about it too and even though they give a little fake laugh and tell you not to worry, now they too are worried for you and obsessing and starting to sweat and getting a headache. And after they speak with you they might call a friend to unburden themselves … and now there are three of you obsessing and worrying about some terrible thing that may or may not happen …

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Author: Kellie Underhill